Everyday Lives, The Series (1)

(I’ve longed to do this but found no time, until now. These are real stories with real people I encountered daily in my line of job as a journalist.It will not be regular but I”ll to give you these slices of life, unedited. You, too, can share yours for as long as it reflects individuals who are qualified as HUMANS, pun intended.)
The Wife
My barber was already half done with my Number 1 haircut (next to Number 0 which is bald cut) when a man entered the shop past 8 this morning. He was followed by his wife and a young boy. The wife told him, “ipa-cut mo ng konti iyong harap.”
When the husband was already seated, the wife ordered the barber, ” wag mong masyadong tanggalin iyong sa likod.” The husband murmured something like ‘oo na, oo na.”
My barber whispered, ” oh my, the wife dictates how her husband’s hair should be cut. She should open her own barber shop.” I went out of the barber shop wondering why.

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