Agrarian department opens docu film making tilt

DAR opens docu film making tilt

By Benjie S. De Yro

CAGAYAN, Philippines, Oct. 13 (PIA) – The Department of Agrarian Reform in Tuguegarao  City, Cagayan Valley region has leveled up its information and education campaign as the pre-production phase of its documentary film making competition started last week.

Dubbed as Davvun 2015 Agrarian Film Competition, the films will celebrate the gains of the agrarian programs in Cagayan Valley the last five years. In the indigenous Ibanag language prevalent in the region, ‘Davvun’ means earth, soil or residential and farm lots, depending on the usage of the word.

Agrarian Reform director Atty. Marjorie Ayson said tertiary students from the various universities and colleges in Cagayan and Isabela provinces in northern Luzon were subjected to a two-day film workshop to prepare them for their eventual production of documentary films.

“We want to share   what we have done for our agrarian reform beneficiaries as we want to celebrate the contributions of every employee to attain such accomplishments,” Ayson said.

Less than a hundred students from the two provinces were introduced to documentary film writing and cinematography by the Philippine Information Agency while DAR briefed the participants to the various impact-projects which can be adapted as film materials.

Ayson said the agency likewise invited other professional groups who signified intention to field entries which will be judged before December 18, the scheduled awarding ceremonies in Tuguegarao City.

It was learned that most of those who attended the workshop has started completing their scripts and are scheduled to  shoot by next week.

Meanwhile, Danielicah Cruz, information officer said the second batch of student-film artists will attend similar workshop in Nueva Viscaya and Qurino provinces middle of this month.

The Philippine Information Agency said that aside from DAR, the two other agencies who are into film competitions included the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources and the Department of Justice through the Regional Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking(RIACAT).

However, unlike DAR and BFAR, the DOJ is into full length narrative movie productions this year, PIA added.

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