Foreign cavers to complete Odessa survey

Foreign cavers to complete Odessa survey

By Benjie S. De Yro


TUGUEGARAO CITY, Cagayan, Feb. 1 (PIA) –   Will Odessa Cave of Penablanca at 7.6 kilometers break the record of the country’s longest cave, the St. Paul Underground River Caves of Palawan at 15.8 kilometers?


Cavers in the Philippines will have to wait until six individuals of Belgian, German and Lebanese nationalities will complete the survey of the cave locally known as Abbenditan Cave on February 5 – 26 this year.


Nida Dela Cruz, SMOC president said, citing the “Journal of the Joint Bristol Exploration Club and the National Mountaineering Federation of the Philippines”, Speleo Philippines in early February 1992 entered the  cave with a strong team of seven cavers for a three day camp.


One team explored and surveyed the downstream while the second team progressed upstream where a number of kilometers of passage were discovered and mapped. By then, the team have measured  extend of the cave at 7.65 kilometer.


“Odessa is the third longest cave in the country and is part of Barangay Quibal,” Dela Cruz said.


Speleo Philippines ’92 claimed in their report conclusion on the geology of the Penablanca region reported that majority of the caves they discovered and explored were found in the area.


“At the South of the Pinacanauan River at Callao Resort, a number of caves have already been identified in this position but not yet fully explored,” the journal said.


Dela Cruz and the rest of the SMOC members are crossing their fingers Odessa might just emerged as the country’s longest cave after the activity.


Aside from Odessa caves, the Quibal Cave has been listed as the 7th longest cave in the country.


Jackpot Cave within the Quibal area, at 115 meters, is only second to Sumaging Cave of Sagada at 163 meters as the country’s deepest cave. Another entry from Cagayan for such record is Lhoret Caves at Quibal at 64 meters.


Cagayan has been proclaimed by most flyers and other print materials here and abroad as the caving capital of the Philippines.

This cave  has been declared as one of the best caves in Sta. Teresita, Cagayan at 1,000 meters long and with three stories elevation. “You seem to be in a shopping mall,” SMOC President Nida Dela Cruz said. ( LGU Sta. Teresita)1503334_950787668272654_7099910941032704293_n.jpg

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